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Whether your interest is in breast augmentation surgery, body contouring (liposuction) surgery, facelift surgery, or any other procedures, we will do everything we can to make sure you get the information you need.

Here you will find links to informational videos that go into a lot of detail about the various plastic surgery procedures, and interviews with Dr. Ed Domanskis.

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What is a MiniMax Facelift?

Our goal is to answer all of your questions thoroughly, and reduce your anxiety by arming you with accurate, detailed information. During your initial consultation, you will not only get valuable information, but a true feel for our practice and the level of personal care we provide.

The MiniMAX Facelift procedure meets the demands of those patients that want a facial rejuvenation with removal of the excess skin of the face and neck with minimal downtime, less chance of problems with the most natural result.

This procedure is done under just a local anesthetic in my certified office operating facility as an outpatient. It takes about 2 hours with minimal post pain and no ill effects from a general anesthetic!

The MiniMAX lift is not as invasive or traumatic as a full face lift. The bandaging is quite minimal and for a period of a few days at the most. Usually patients are able to go out in public in a few days.

The results can be quite dramatic. Patients have been satisfied with this procedure, especially those patients who don't want anesthesia. See our photographs and judge for yourself.

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Is Plastic Surgery Right For You?

Deciding if a plastic surgery procedure is right for you, and choosing the right plastic surgeon are very important decisions that should not be taken lightly. I am committed to make sure all of my patients and website visitors have as much information as they need to make well-informed decisions.


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This is the best thing I've ever done for myself. My self confidence has never been better. Dr. Domanskis and his staff's support and encouragement throughout my breast surgery meant so very much to me. Without it, I would not have had the courage... to complete the surgery. Thank you!